Planning Board Agendas

AGENDAS for 2023

AGENDAS for 2019

PL Agenda April 3rd, 2019

PL Agenda May 1, 2019

PL BRD July 10, 2019 Agenda

PL BRD Aug. 7, 2019 Agenda

PL BRD Oct. 2, 2019 Agenda

AGENDAS for 2020

PL BRD Jan 8,2020 Agenda

PL Brd Feb 5th 2020 Agenda

PL March 4th agenda

PL Brd March 12th Agenda

PL BRD Aug 5, 2020 Agenda

PL BRD Aug 26th Agenda

PL BRD Nov 4th 2020 Agenda

Planning Board meeting for October has been changed to September 28th 6PM

Planning Board Workshops

February 15th, 2023 6PM Public welcomed – Agenda – Begin working on creating a Commercial Solar Facilities Ordinance for the Town of Clifton.

February 13th, 2024, Public Welcomed 6PM