Comprehensive Plan DRAFTS Version 5

These are NOT final versions. These drafts were primarily written by Eric Johns working as a paid consultant for the town of Clifton.

Check here often for DRAFT Section/Chapter updates and other information.

Slides from September 12 Public Hearing

Section 0 is new, by David Cogdell

Section 1 – Town History

Section 2 – Water Resources

Section 3 – Natural Resources (includes agriculture and forestry)

Section 4 – Population and Demographics

Section 5 – Economy

Section 6 – Housing

Section 7 – Recreation

Section 8 – Transportation

Section 9 – Public Facilities, Infrastructure and Services

Section 10 – Fiscal Capacity

Section 11and 12 new, written by David Cogdell

Section 13 – The Road Ahead

Clifton regional coordination Program V-5 written by Bruce Davis V-5.1 edited by Bruce Jellison.