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Friday, November 5th, 2021


Just a few things from the Select Board and Planning Board

Cathy Jordan is retiring after 10 years of service to this community, she will be missed. Cathy plans on enjoying time with her family.   Please welcome our new Town Clerk, Nicole MacFarline. Nicole has 8 years of municipal training, we are happy to have her on board.   

Solar Array – The Clifton Planning Board members have been busy working on a few applications.  The application was presented to the Planning Board on November 20th, 2020; permit application is for a proposed 4.88 MW Solar Power Array to be located at 45 Airline Road, Clifton Solar from Tom Donnelly, HEP Energy USA LLC Senior Vice President.  As of August 30th, 2021 the application has been completed and the developers can now begin the construction.  The application is on file at the Clifton Town Office.

Wind Project- The second application presented to the Planning board was for phase two of Pisgah Mt LLC Wind, Silver Maple LLC.  This application was completed and construction is underway.  The 5 turbines should be arriving sometime in the summer of 2022.  The Clifton Board of Select People has signed agreement to enter into a TIF agreement with Silver Maple.  The town will not receive TIF revenues from this until the turbines are up and generating power.

Internet- As promised, the Select signed with Premium Choice Broadband for internet service throughout the whole town. They have been doing preliminary work, checking all poles, lining up permits.  All Grants will be submitted this month, November.  As soon as we hear back of our Grant approval they will begin to install lines for internet.

Road Work- This summer as some/most have seen, the Bruckoff Road received a major overhaul of construction repair.  All this was paid for by the Pisgah Mt LLC TIF money that the town receives each year.  This project is coming to an end soon and the Select Board will be inspecting roads to determine the next road repair project in need. Once we have determined our next project we will make a budget and time frame for the future project. The Select Board also has created a 5 member TIF Committee to help solicit ideas for and plan future TIF allowed projects, other than roads.  The committee is made up of 5 volunteers whom are all residents.  This committee consists of 1 Select Board member, 1 Planning Board member.  We look forward to hearing from the committee and what they come up with for the future. 

Any questions for any of our boards should be sent to the Town Office this allows boards to research and answer questions with facts and accuracy.  A phone call to the town office is acceptable as well. All board meetings allow public access and some allow for public comments.  This is not a question and answer session as most questions would require research.  Please refer to our Meeting Rules and Procedure Policy. 

Send us your email address and we will add you to our newsletter list serve.  Also, check out the website, you will find minutes, agendas etc. from all boards.

Vacancies –

Planning Board – 1 full member

Comprehensive Plan Member 1 full member


Select Board member 1 3 year term

Thank you!

Board of Select Board

Geoff Johnson, Chair

Bill Rand, Vice

Nancy Hatch

Lee Bryant

Gerald Folster


2022 Dog Tags are now available. Fines will be applied February 1, 2022

Winter Sand is available to Clifton residents, 2 buckets at one time for driveways only.  Sand is located by the gate.