Comprehensive Plan DRAFTS Version 6

At this time the versions of chapters seen here represent the Comprehensive Planning Committee’s final work on each chapter. These are the chapters that will be forwarded to EMDC for possible editing, reorganization, and recommended changes to comply with getting State of Maine approval and submission for a vote by the citizens of Clifton.

Minor changes will be added to this page either by replacement, (punctuation, misspelled words), or by designating a version 6.x depending on the degree of editing.

Major changes, especially if they involve major reorganization, title changes, etc., after our work with EMDC will be listed as version 7 and will be placed on the version 7 page with explanation of the major revision. This is our attempt to minimize confusion over versions as changes are made. Version 7 is what will be actually sent to the state for approval and for Clifton citizens to vote on.

Section 1, minor changes regarding recent history.

Section 2, minor changes to correct incorrect data in a table and changes suggested by EMDC.

Section 3, no changes from version 5, renamed version 6 to maintain consistency on this page.